Wear your Label and Defeat Mental Health Stigmas


Introducing Kyle MacNevin and Kayley Reid

Mental health has traditionally been a taboo topic to talk about openly.  This left many unable or unwilling to reach out for help and caused them to suffer in silence.  However, recently there has been a shift of opinion, which has allowed those with mental health issues to speak more openly and as a result those who hadn’t sought help are now more open to the idea.

Kyle MacNevin and Kayley Reid were on the cutting edge of this movement when they launched their clothing line Wear Your Label.  Wear Your Label is a for-profit, social enterprise that puts mental health front and center while helping to obliterate mental health stigmas.  Best of all, part of the profits from each sale go to help out groups supporting mental health initiatives.

Mental health is not like any other illness or injury.  When you break your arm and have to get a cast, everyone understand that you are injured and on the way to recovery.  Mental health is not as visible and therefore not as easy to understand… that is until now.

Wear Your Label has been able to build community and belonging to those who may have previously felt isolated by doing just as their company name says.  The clothing tells the world, that you have had some struggles and are in the process of recovery.  In an industry so notorious for exacerbating certain mental health and body issues, they have really turned a page.


In this episode

  • Kyle and Kayley tell us about their personal struggles and how talking about them led to a great social business opportunity.
  • They describe how they want to shift the stigma into tribes of understanding and compassion.
  • Kyle tells us how owning a mental health problem and working on it does wonders toward feeling better and starting the conversation with others who may need to talk.
  • We hear about how mental health has drastic effects to business and how businesses that are tackling the issue have seen great results.
  • Kyle and Kayley tell us how there is more than just washing instructions on the inside tag.
  • Dave mentions how being vulnerable encourages others to do the same.
  • Greg is inspired that the company is not only a social enterprise but by how it’s whole purpose is to generate conversation.
  • Dave suggests this episode for anyone that is seeking to understand what the millennial generation really wants.

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