The New Economy


Introducing Amanda Hachey

If 20th century capitalism was characterized as corporations maximizing shareholder value, a lot has changed with the beginning of the 21st century.  Early adopters are changing how business is now being done in the new economy.  Millennial entrepreneurs are looking to make real impact in the world AND make a tidy profit at the same time.  Amanda Hachey has been on the cutting edge in this shift in attitude.

While at school at the University of New Brunswick-Saint John, Amanda got to notice a paradox between some of her business courses and her political science classes.  In the business courses, all she would hear about is maximizing profit.  In the building next door, her poli sci classes were taking about how 20th century capitalism was ruining the planet.  What she couldn’t understand was why these two groups working so closely by each other couldn’t communicate to find a better answer.

Amanda now works as a Sustainability Sherpa for Conscious Brands and her job is to help companies navigate from the “base camp” at which they currently stand to a higher elevation which benefits the community, employees, stakeholders, and the environment.

Amanda has worked and lived across the world, but after her travels she realized the place that really needed help was at home.  In her two years of working in New Brunswick, she was a vital part of taking the province from having zero B Corp companies to eight.  She and Conscious Brands still have a ways to go, though; their mission statement is to help 1,000 brands transition to the new economy by the year 2020.


In this episode

  • Amanda gives us some background as to why she is so passionate about the new economy.
  • She tells us about her initial frustration during the initiation of the movement and how things have changed.
  • She tells us about some companies that are taking the plunge toward sustainability including Wal-Mart.
  • Amanda comments on how she convinces companies that are on the fence to make the right move.
  • We hear how making the “right” move can help your business with bottom-line savings, employee engagement, and better owner appreciation.
  • Amanda also defines the difference between a Sherpa and a Consultant.
  • Dave notices how Amanda drips with passion and practicality and how she can properly promote her passion.
  • Greg is reminded again that you can work within a creative and purpose driven company.
  • Dave also notices how Greg is great at making people feel like they missed the biggest, greatest party


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