What it Means to Care


Introducing Clyde Wray

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our daily lives and future plans that we don’t take the time to stop and truly experience the moment.  Really, the ability to take in the moment is synonymous with taking the time to care.  Clyde Wray is a man who takes the time to feel the moment and truly care.  Clyde is an actor, director, poet, playwright, and author, who knows the true value of caring.

Originally from New York, Clyde eventually settled in Saint John, New Brunswick where he now works in the arts.  The need to care doesn’t just extend to those who work in the creative industries, teachers, healthcare workers, and clergy; it is also essential in business.  When you don’t care, it extends into everything you do in your business. Your employees and customers will get the feeling you don’t care enough, and they might mimic your attitude.

Too often, entrepreneurs spend their time hyper focused on the future that they forget those daily moments.  This is just another form of avoiding a caring attitude that can result in dashing those future plans anyway.  In today’s episode, Clyde teaches us what caring truly means and how it can help you and others in your daily life.


In this episode

  • We meet Clyde and his voice that was made for podcasting.
  • Clyde explains how sometimes caring is not the same thing as “not making waves.”
  • He explains why it is important to care about yourself before you can care for another.
  • Clyde also points out the importance of letting yourself feel authentically.
  • We discuss how the all mighty $ can blind the entrepreneur from caring.
  • Clyde reveals a moment in his past where he went through some tough times, what he took from the experience, and how it continues to inspire his daily life.
  • Clyde challenges us not to fear your feelings.  The highs and lows of life are all part of the tapestry of life.
  • Clyde also gives a great example of the difference between sympathy and empathy.
  • He also explains how using candor in difficult situations can really be a great form of caring.


Links and References

– Clyde’s Website

– Clyde’s Facebook

– Clyde’s Twitter

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