Introducing Jake Rothschild

An entrepreneur is always plotting the next move for their business and to take it to the next level.  It also takes persistence to get everything just right.  Jake Rothschild knows persistence was the key to his newest invention that will soon make a big impact for sweet lovers.  Jake is the owner at Jake’s Ice Cream in Atlanta, Georgia. Jake’s Ice Cream is a business that makes over-the-top and delicious ice cream—an Atlanta institution.  After opening 15 years ago, many of his customers were looking for flavors they could enjoy that would fit the criteria of their health concerns.  There is nothing worse than craving a frosty treat and not being able to have any because of health concerns like diabetes, gluten or dairy intolerance, etc.

Jake initially cringed at the thought of having to make “diet” versions of his product because his creams were supposed to be made with the “good stuff” and adding sweeteners would severely affect the taste.  However, Jake still tried, especially after being approached by a television-shopping network to make a flavor out of Splenda.  After doing some research, decided that do to some alleged potential health concerns with the product and an in-proper taste he abandoned the idea.  But Jake’s conscious kept eating at him and his persistence took off.  He tried honey as a sweetener (no good for diabetics), and then moved on to agave and soymilk (still no).

Finally after years of trying Jake had his “eureka” moment making his new brand Joyscream out of ingredients that are delicious, nutritious goodness from the earth…and better yet… it is sweetened with the healthiest sugars on the planet.  Learn how deliciousness and dedication came together on this week’s episode of the Boiling Point Podcast.


In this episode

  • Jake tells us how he had the thought of making “junk food” good for you.
  • Jake and Greg talk about meeting each other at a Seth Godin talk.
  • Jake explains you don’t need to be a food scientist to make such a product as him, just an avid googler.
    We hear how Willy Wonka inspired him.
  • We are reminded of the need to sometimes be vulnerable.
  • Jake tells us what is currently going on with Joyscream and what’s next.
  • Jake also has a challenge for Boiling Point Listeners.
  • Greg reminisces about all the crazy cool people he has met at conferences over the years.
  • Dave is inspired by Jake’s ability to be curious and his passion to push through


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