Introducing Matt White

It is always said that people should follow their passion when entering an entrepreneurial endeavor.  Of course, there are limitless things that someone could have a passion for and often the passion may not be typical.   Matt White is one of those people who took an unconventional passion and made a business out of it.  Matt is the founder of Sussex Beard Oil, a product that was developed out of his own need to manage his own facial hair.  He was having difficulty finding an all-natural product that didn’t result in dry skin or hair breaking.  Without being able to find the product he wanted, Matt decided he would make his own and was happily surprised with the result.  The oil eventually lead Matt to develop more products for the bearded person and now his items sell across Canada in stores, as well as internationally online.

Matt believes that everyone has a beard, but some only internally.  Matt wanted his product to connect more deeply to its users.  In order to make this connection, the company’s motto is that every beard has a chin, every chin is connected to a man, and that every man has his victories, troubles, and turmoil.  Check out this week’s Boiling Point to get inspired to take your own unique idea to the next level.


In this episode

  • Matt tells us how his “manly side” led him to develop beard related products.
  • He also tells us what he had learned from previous entrepreneurial experiences that helped launch this product.
  • Matt tells us how living what he was exposing as a life coach helped in the creation of his products.
  • Greg asks for ideas on a beard-related television shows he could pitch with Matt.
  • There is discussion on how beards have become a cross-cultural phenomenon.
  • Matt suggests that there has never been a better time to become an entrepreneur with all of the resources at your fingertips.
  • Greg appreciates Matt’s path of finding his passion first and then figure out how to capitalize on it.
  • Dave notes Matt’s ability to live what he preaches and his ability to connect his product with the goodness in people’s lives.


Links and References

– Sussex Beard Oil Website

– Sussex Beard Oil on Twitter

– Sussex Beard Oil on Facebook