Introducing Derek Riedle

Sometimes every entrepreneur needs a change.  It could be just a change of scenery, or a shift in mindset.  Derek Riedle recently made a change that involved both.  Derek and his wife Terri are the owners of the marketing and PR firm, Revolution Strategy, as well as the content creative company Talons of Venice, and also under their portfolio is a real estate business called Riedle Urban Spaces.

Derek and Terri had spent around 18 years working within and growing their businesses, but they were keen for a change.  The first step was for Derek to stop working within the business and to shift gears in order to work on the business.  This gave Derek the room to think and further develop the business.  It also gave him the idea that he wanted to develop a product that he could build and then sell multiple times.  Through the Talons of Venice and with our host, Greg Hemmings, Derek helped to develop a new television series “The Real Houses of…” using the freeing strategy he had used to further develop Revolution.  Derek and Terri took a further leap into their new lifestyle when they decided to pull up anchor and move to Venice Beach, California to further accomplish their goals.

This week’s episode is for anyone who had a vision for his or her future and may have not taken that great leap.  You can do it!

In this episode

  • Derek explains his reasoning to making the leap from the Maritimes to L.A.
  • He further explains how his connections in New Brunswick and Maritimer way have been great advantages in California.  He also tells us how leaving his area code offered him more perspective.
  • Derek explains the feeling of being mid-air between trapeze wires during his transition, and how being outside his comfort zone is his true comfort zone.
  • Greg and Derek reminisce about the creative session they had to come up with Real Houses.
  • Greg also tells the story of when his employees approached him to become less of a practitioner and more the visionary, and his thoughts at the time.
  • Greg and Derek also tell us more about the series
  • Derek also alludes to a future start-up, which will be announced on the Boiling Point.
  • Dave appreciates Derek’s ability to work outside his comfort zone, and is reminded that everyone needs to realize what it takes to get his or her creative juices flowing.
  • Greg is reminded that having the ability to step away slightly from the business allows brilliant things to happen with the right team.


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