Introducing Lisa Hrabluk

Decision makers of all stripes will eventually find themselves in a bind.  They will come across a situation where it seems there is no answer that will be pleasing enough to all stakeholders and the result is a deadlock of argument.  Lisa Hrabluk and her company Wicked Ideas is just the person you need in such a situation, as she has a passion for finding a way forward.

Lisa is a veteran journalist who knows that way forward is through humility and asking the right questions to stakeholders.  As a journalist, Lisa was always interested in finding unique ways to tell a story and this interest has lead her company to teach organizations how to have a two-way conversation with their public.

Lisa teaches a niche marketing approach to organizations, who until recently had been treating public affairs as a “sales job”.  The public demands that it not be force fed ideas, but engaged.  When you are in a position where you need things done, Lisa contends you need to listen and ask the right questions to draw out an answer that lets your opposition understand your problem rather than just argue your own point.  Listen to this week’s Boiling Point to see how this strategy could help your issue.

In this episode

  • Lisa explains how her strategy would help solve contentious issues such as fracking.
  • Lisa explains the four groups that show up in a contentious issue and which one we should be most concerned with.
  • She tells us what she means by having humility and asking the right questions to get the answers you want.
  • Lisa also explains how it is important to be comfortable in chaos.
  • She also explains how creating large projects used to be done versus how it is done today.
  • Dave is excited by the power of humility and how it can be the easiest way to eliminate conflict and get people cooperating.
  • Greg notes that every entrepreneur has a tolerance for chaos and is inspired by the fact that if you are still living today, you found a way out of all your past chaotic experiences.



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