Introducing Don Fillmore

Don Fillmore is in an industry where the only thing they don’t deliver is babies. Don is in the trucking industry and is the president of Atlantic Pacific Transport and of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association.

It has been a dream of many to hit the open road and live the convoy lifestyle. Surprisingly, however, Don finds it difficult to find staff. Though his business is located in a region with high unemployment, it seems many haven’t thought of a career in the transport industry.

Don started in the family business right out of high school and has since grown his company to over 40 trucks and close to 75 employees. Don has a passion for developing the business, as well as helping out his employees and the region in general.

Could you see yourself piloting a big-rig? Check out this episode to find out.


In this episode

• Don tells us how the trucking industry, like many other industries, is a people based business.

• He explains his decision NOT to be a driver himself

• Don explains his biggest challenge of finding qualified workers.

• He explains how being a business owner gives you a much bigger voice to help those in need.

• He also gives us insight of how to manage relationships in a family business.

• Greg relays his secret dream to try out trucking.

• Dave is inspired by Don’s ability to convey what he does and to build awareness.

• Greg appreciates Don’s thoughts regarding having a bigger business means you have a bigger voice.



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