Greg Hemmings, President/CEO of Hemmings House Pictures Ltd.

The Millennial Dream

This week’s episode of Boiling Point is going to be a little bit different as we turn the table and our own Greg Hemmings is the guest. In conjunction with a group of New Brunswick thought leaders, Greg has recently started work on his newest documentary, “The Millennial Dream”.

New Brunswick, like a number of rurally based economies, has a problem.  Many of it’s smart, and talented young people are moving away to “greener pastures” in order to retain good, well-paying jobs.  These young people come from a generation called the Millennials and they consist primarily of those who have grown-up during the Internet age.

This out-migration is draining the province of not only population, but also skills, and tax revenue.  So, how does a community go about fixing this problem?  Greg’s answer is through better business.

Millennials are leaving because of a lack of opportunity.  However, opportunity can take on alternate forms than just salary and career growth.  Millennials are also interested in making a real impact globally, locally, socially, and environmentally.  “The Millennial Dream” seeks to change the way many businesses act to develop a triple bottom line: profit, but also social and environmental impact.

Is your business up for taking on this challenge?


In this episode

  • Greg tells us about “The Millennial Dream” and how it got started
  • Greg tells us what he had learned from a trip to Hubli, India and the impact being made by a local organization there that is “teaching people how to fish” metaphorically.
  • We hear about a conference Greg attended in India and his chat with a Nobel Prize Laureate.
  • We hear about the frustration Greg felt on his return to Canada.
  • Dave explains how the frustration can be a fuel to continue to make an impact.
  •  Greg is reminded that the small impacts you make on people are still significant.

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