Introducing Jason MacLean

Jason MacLean is the type of entrepreneur that just goes for it.  This includes opening a health and lifestyle business in an industrial town not known for patronizing such businesses.  However, Jay’s huge personality, passion, and work ethic have made his yoga studio, The Yoga Haus, a great success.

Jay originally worked with big corporate in their marketing division.  He credits a number of learning opportunities and lessons to the time he worked under someone else.  However, Jay is an entrepreneur and needed to follow his passions.  This led him to opening other businesses in the past, which emerged from his love of cooking.  Always the marketer, Jay called one such business Awful Falafel, Not so Bad Waffle, and the other Sterno Inferno.

However, the yoga business didn’t come to Jay as easily and required a bit of serendipity.  His love from yoga came from a soul searching trip when he was 23-years-old.  Jay had decided that he was going to travel to Mexico via the Pacific coast.  While traveling through Santa Barbara, California, Jay was approached by a lady who noticed Jay and his posture.   The lady said that she knew Jay had problems with his back, which he did.   She invited him to come to her yoga class in order to help correct his issues.  At first, Jay was skeptical.  He gave the lady all the reasons why he didn’t want to go to her yoga class, finally saying that he wasn’t flexible.  She took a look back at him and said that his attitude certainly wasn’t flexible.   Jay took the class and his life was forever changed.  It opened his eyes to the opportunities that are given during everyday life through serendipity.

Yoga for Jay is about living in the present.  So many people focus all of their attention on the past or the future, and tempo of many people’s lives has sped up so much.  Yoga, according to Jay, allows for an outlet and rebalancing of your energies.


In this episode

Jay tells us what yoga teaches us and how it’s teachings can be applied to our business lives.  Dave appreciates how Jay embodies what he teaches and Greg points out Jay’s ability to live those slices of life to the max.  Greg also notes Jay’s passion for helping people live better.  We also hear how sous chef Greg almost burnt down a restaurant when assisting Jay’s catering business.