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Bob Manning Wants New Brunswickers to Be Positive About Their Business Gains

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In This Episode

  • We hear Bob’s thoughts on the Globe and Mail article about Saint John.
  • Bob tells us why and how his opinion differs with the Globe and Mail.
  • Greg tells us about a similar article he penned regarding supporting the positive stories of Atlantic Canada.
  • We hear about Owen MacFadyen Group and how they differ from larger financial services companies.
  • Bob explains why tailored financial management works better than a “cookie cutter” solution.
  • We hear about Bob’s past life as an executive in the tech sector.
  • We discuss how your ability to give back to a community is tied to how much money you can contribute.
  • Bob tells us why he favors small, repeatable gains rather than high risk/high reward investing.
  • Dave remembers how his investing in high-risk ventures didn’t work out so well and sees the importance of sound wealth advice so that we can do the things that we are really passionate about.
  • Greg thinks about critics of the function of capitalism and how they don’t think of the opportunity for people who are impact driven and that the accumulation of wealth is not necessarily selfish.


Bob Manning

Bob Manning

Today’s Boiling Point guest says there are three ways you can make a positive impact; you can give of our time, you can share your experience, or you can give of your resources or money. Bob Manning gave us his time and nuggets of experience in this week’s episode. Bob has over 20 years of business experience, working in multi-national, national and regional organizations. He has held executive-level business planning, operations and marketing positions in the information technology sector, and consulted to and helped manage start-up companies in Atlantic Canada. Throughout his career, Bob has achieved success by helping organizations deal with the challenges of growth, through the application of disciplined planning and effective management.

This positive businessman was upset over a recent Globe and Mail article that seemed to skewer Saint John, New Brunswick and one of its most successful business families, the Irvings. The article seemed to say that the region would have been better off without the billionaire family and also “picked a scab” by writing a very negative outlook for New Brunswick. Bob knows that New Brunswick has its challenges, but he sees a ton of positives as well. In response to the Globe and Mail, Bob penned his own article asking for the region to start ignoring the negative rhetoric and start supporting the positive stories.

Bob is currently working as a Wealth Advisor with Owens MacFadyen Group. The company has a vision of building capacity within a community that embraces a pioneering spirit, is passionate about excellence and the realization of maximum potential, and has the courage to commit to legacy building. Bob’s clientele consist of successful entrepreneurs, senior executives and professionals with the aim of setting them up to achieve personal and community goals.

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