Are You Aware Of Your Emotional Intelligence?

Marilyn Orr Helps Her Clients Along Their Journeys of Self-Awareness, Resilience and Empathy

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Do you consider yourself to be intelligent? Many of us would humbly agree that we are and be able to list the skillsets where we show off those smarts. But, how emotionally intelligent are you? Do you know how to start to measure that? Do you know how you’ve built resilience during your life? It begins with self-awareness, and someone who helps us be self-aware is our guest, Marilyn Orr.

Marilyn combines her Master’s in Counselling and all of her different Coaching certifications and years of experience to wear different hats to help her clients build their emotional intelligence, resilience and ability to become self-aware. 

In This Episode

First 10 Minutes
Dave gets teased for his tech skills. We are introduced to Marilyn Orr and her lengthy background with Dave. Emily explains her connection to Marilyn before Marilyn introduces herself. Dave tells stories for laughter.

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
Marilynn discusses resiliency and the path most people go through to get there. Marilynn discusses her emotional intelligence work. Talking about Marilyn’s book, Emily asks what hat she wore while writing. Marilynn speaks about why she wrote it with her coach and the perspective she had while writing it. Marilyn talks about her journey to finding her assertiveness from her background and how she grew up.

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
Marilyn explains a story from her childhood that shows her emotional intelligence journey. Emily asks what Marilynn feels is the difference between resilience and perseverance. Resilience is the container that contains the tools to preserve. The group talks about how Marilyn’s background in counselling allows her to put a different hat on during her coaching. Marilynn believes many topics can be covered by coaching conversations.

30 Minutes – 40 Minutes
Dave says Marilynn’s famous phrase is: “How’s that working for ya?” which holds people honest about how a situation is working for them. The group talks about the state of coaching. “Permission to Feel” book that is discussed. The group talks about the impact of society with boys who are not taught emotional intelligence. Dave asks Marilynn what assertive leadership is and how it works. Marilynn talks about the difference between healthy assertiveness and unhealthy assertiveness. She talks about it being healthy for yourself and not harmful to others. Marilyn discusses her views on empathy.

40 Minutes – 50 Minutes
Dave and Marilynn talk about the relationship they built years ago, going through the activity of psychological contracts discussing how the relationship could go right or wrong. Dave talks about his views and relationship with assertive people and the idea of where vision comes from.

Marilynn Orr

Marilynn Orr

MA, CEC, PCC - Executive & Leadership Coach

Leadership specialist and certified executive coach.

Lifelong learner. Passionate about all things ‘Leadership’. Trying to learn from my daily mistakes.

Most of my formal leadership training and experience has come from being a senior officer in the Army, a leadership instructor for an academic institution, and an executive in the public service. I graduated from the British Army’s Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst, arguably the world’s best leadership school.

By my mid-twenties I was leading soldiers in overseas combat and went on to serve as a leader in both the British Army and Canadian Army, working alongside nations and cultures from around the world. Although these experiences taught me some great lessons, I’ve also observed many other leadership examples and environments, both informally and formally, whether it was working on a farm as a 14-year-old or simply in my own personal life.

I’ve got many flaws, make daily mistakes, and have had some serious failures as a leader. This is why I’m passionate about giving back; trying to help others learn from some of my mistakes.