Active Listening Is A Conscious Choice

Through Sharing Her Journey Of Hearing Loss, Crystal Trevors Is Coaching Others To Find Joy By Being A Truly Great Listener

In This Episode

Think about the last conversation you had. Were you fully listening to what the other person was saying, or were you on your phone, thinking about what you had to do next and just not fully engaged with what the other person was saying? A long-time friend of Dave’s and fellow Wallace McCain Institute alum joined him and Emily to have a conversation about listening. Outside of being a successful and accomplished entrepreneur, Crystal Trevors shared her journey of hearing loss to highlight how active listening needs to be a conscious choice you make. If you choose not to listen actively, the impact on your ability to communicate and for the other person to feel heard will suffer. 

Crystal is starting down a life coaching path to help others find joy in their lives, both professionally and personally. And with so much of being joyful in life often tied to how much we feel heard, seen, and understood, it makes total sense to want to work with a coach who deeply understands the role of listening. 

Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes
Dave’s wife is happy to have some strong women on our podcast this week, and we couldn’t agree more. Today, our guest co-host Emily Rodger helped us chat with Crystal Trevors, a long-time member of the same cohort of Dave’s at the Wallace McCain Institute. We learn how Crystal runs a medical equipment service company Stepscan, which helps medical professional analyzes people’s gaits. We also hear how Crystal has recently become a certified coach as well.

10 – 20 Minutes
We hear about some early coaching breakthroughs Crystal had about making time for herself every week by blocking off a couple of hours. This leads to the discussion of work-life balance. Dave talks about how a blog post from Crystal about listening impacted him and how he never knew she had experienced hearing loss since she was a little girl. Crystal shares how the experience of taking classes on effective and active listening as a skill made her realize it’s not something she ever thought about learning how to do. She has had to be good at listening due to her hearing loss to be an effective communicator. The group talks about the challenges that people with hearing loss experience daily, especially over the last two years with masks. 

20 – 30 Minutes
The group talks about techniques and etiquette that everyone could use that have been designed originally to help those with hearing loss. The group talks about how there can be a difference between being in a virtual meeting vs on a phone call for discussions. Finally, the group talks about how everyone can benefit from solutions designed to help those with hearing loss, like in PEI schools with an FM system available in every classroom for all students to help with focus. 

30 – 40 Minutes
The group talks about the benefits of actively listening to people and improving your connections with others. It is very easy to notice when people aren’t listening. Finally, Crystal speaks about the type of coaching she will offer clients. 

Crystal Trevors

Crystal Trevors

Business and Life Coach, Live Joy Coaching and CEO and Owner, Stepscan Technologies Inc.

If we are going to potentially work together you probably would like to know a bit about me.

I am the founder and owner of a medical technology company. As I have been a biologist, biotechnology consultant and business owner for most of my adult life, I would guess most people in my community see me as a scientist and entrepreneur. I am also a wife and mother. What most people do not know about me is that I am also spiritual, intuitive and an empath.