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Introducing Jim Kokocki and Toastmasters

We all know that effective leaders need also to be effective communicators. However, public speaking can be one of the most prevalent fears out there. In fact, up to 75% of people have some degree of glossophobia. So how does one who wants to be an effective leader learn the skills and ease the anxiety around communication.

Jim Kokocki is the immediate former president of Toastmasters, a global organization that seeks to improve the speaking skills of its members through exercise and practice. Jim wasn’t always a seasoned speaker though. He remembers a time when he was working in IT and two engineers approached his desk and noted that he was a pretty smart guy but he had nothing to say in company meetings. Through Toastmasters, Jim was able to gain confidence speaking in public and the skills even changed his career path.

Toastmasters isn’t just for those who fear public speaking though. Their clubs also help those who are just not effective communicators, those who can come off as abrasive, those who don’t understand their audience, and those who aren’t effective for many other reasons.

If you are looking to touch up your communication skills this is the episode of the Boiling Point for you.


In this episode

  • We congratulate Dave on his family’s upcoming “bundle of joy”.
  • Jim gives us the background behind Toastmasters and how he became their president.
  • We learn what is involved with being the president of this great organization.
  • Jim explains why anxiety of public speaking can be a good thing because it shows that you care.
  • Greg expands on his experience with Toastmasters and how it helps that you are allowed to fail and encouraged to keep trying.
  • We learn what a typical meeting is like.
  • We hear of some of the reasons why people join up.
  • Jim tells us of an upcoming book titled Keyboard to Keynote, which is tailored for those in the IT industry who wish to enhance their communication skills.
  • We hear about some public speaking experiences from Greg, Dave and Jim.


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