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Stephen GoddardIntroducing Steve Goddard and Resilia Medical Solutions

Everyone remembers having an unfortunate urinary accident when they were young. Not only is it uncomfortable, but also embarrassing. Most of us grow past these challenges as we learn to better control our bladders. However, some women can be reacquainted to this problem many years down the line and through no fault of their own. One in five women experience urinary incontinence stemming from motherhood, age, etc. Currently, the only solutions are surgical in extreme circumstances, or some sort of pad or diaper. However, today’s Boiling Point guest, Steve Goddard, is the CEO of a company with another discrete solution.

Steve is the CEO of Resilia Medical Solutions and his company’s product Uresta is a small item made of medical grade plastic, which is inserted into the vagina and applies pressure to a woman’s urethra and blocks the passage of unwanted urine. The product was developed by Dr. Scott Farrell, an Urogynaecologist from Dalhousie University when he noticed that most of his patients who suffered from SUI were not in need of a surgical solution, but didn’t have a good solution to their problem.

This problem is not just a stigma or quality of life issue; its health effects can be spiraling. Check out this episode to see how there is a solution for every problem if you take the time to fix it.


In this episode

  • We hear about Steve’s past life in banking and with JDI.
  • Steve tells us why he took the leap into entrepreneurship after leaving JDI and about the companies he helped to start.
  • Greg and Dave are made to guess what Resilia’s product is.
  • Steve explains how this product is an evolution of a device that has been used for hundreds of years.
  • We also hear how venture capitalists reacted to the product versus individual investors.
  • We learn that it can take up to seven years for a woman to speak to a doctor about their SUI.
  • Steve tells us why the problem of SUI is not just a quality of life issue or a stigma and how it can seriously affect a woman’s mental and physical health.
  • Greg is impressed by the fact that when people come across challenges there is always someone out looking for the solution
  • Dave notes that every business has that “big domino” that when it drops great things follow.


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