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Episode 48 – Derek Riedle

Episode 48 – Derek Riedle

Introducing Derek Riedle Sometimes every entrepreneur needs a change.  It could be just a change of scenery, or a shift in mindset.  Derek Riedle recently made a change that involved both.  Derek and his wife Terri are the owners of the marketing and PR...
Episode 48 – Derek Riedle

Episode 44 – Craig Norris

Introducing Craig Norris  There is a popular biblical analogy which says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  Perhaps there is something missing to this axiom however.  Our guest, Craig Norris would...
Episode 48 – Derek Riedle

Episode 35 – Andrew Tidby

Introducing Andrew Tidby  Andrew Tidby is a filmmaker, explorer, space worshiper, and our host Greg’s BFF.  Through the course of events, Andrew has many amazing experiences and stories to tell.  For example, he and Greg produced a show called “Planet Luxury” which...
Episode 48 – Derek Riedle

Episode 33 – Lauchlan Ough

Introducing Lauchlan Ough Sometimes the most effective form of leadership involves empowering the people who work for you to be leaders themselves.  A lot can be said enabling leaders, as well as getting them to jump right into unfamiliar tasks.  This is exactly the...
Episode 48 – Derek Riedle

Episode 25 – Gene Fowler

Introducing Gene Fowler Gene Fowler is a man who knows the ups and downs of running a creative business in an untraditional location.  He is the owner and creative director at the animation studio Loogaroo, which is a boutique animation agency focusing on commercial...