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5 Benefits Of Digital Technologies On Your Business

It's no doubt that our epoch is deeply impacted by new technologies, first and foremost by internet-based technologies. This historical period is actually marked by the emergence of new tools and online services that all together give birth to the digital...
Jake Palmer

Jake Palmer

Learning New Business Perspectives with Jake Palmer Listen Now In This Episode  Jake Palmer just celebrated his 10th anniversary in Real Estate, with Re/Max! Jake has been a long time friend of our businesses and the Boiling Point Podcast. In this week’s episode, Jake...

Don’t Be Fooled By Your Own Expertise

If you truly wish to become a  good, successful entrepreneur who is constantly evolving, you will need to be prepared to make a few changes. One of them is closely related to your ability to believe in your own knowledge and expertise and not accept any other...

Make Money With Internet Gambling

The world has gone online. We study, socialize, date, work and get entertained online as never before. The only thing we don't really seem to be able to do yet is to taste the food we learn to cook online but I'm guessing it's only a matter of time....

Where Will India’s Consumption Be In 2030?

A consumer society is one in which people buy goods they do not always need, and where the emphasis is on ownership. India is quickly turning into a consumer society, especially if we are to look at the upcoming decade. Over the following 10 years, consumption in...