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Episode 21 – Jake Palmer

Episode 21 – Jake Palmer

Introducing Jake Palmer Jake Palmer always had a creative and humorous side to him.  As a young man, he even had is own sketch variety show on community television.  When Jake grew up he went toward a career path in IT and worked in the field for a number of...
Episode 21 – Jake Palmer

Episode 20 – Hal Somers

Introducing Hal Somers Hal Somers is the type of guy that takes opportunities in life when they are presented to him.  Hal went to trade school to learn brick laying as a young man and for a short time worked in mining.  However, one day a friend in the used car...
Episode 21 – Jake Palmer

Episode 19 – Levi Lawrence

Introducing Levi Lawrence Levi Lawrence is a trained chef that has cooked in kitchens throughout the world.  As a chef, he knows the importance of fresh, local ingredients.  However, for the longest time if you wanted fresh, local ingredients you had to attend your...
Episode 21 – Jake Palmer

Episode 18 – Kristy O’Leary

Introducing Kristy O’Leary Kristy O’Leary calls herself a vision broker and has a goal to make entrepreneurs and change makers succeed in making a positive impact on this Earth and make a profit while doing so.  Growing up her family’s business was a great example of...
Episode 21 – Jake Palmer

Episode 17 – Review

In this episode of the Boiling Point, Greg and Dave sit back to reflect on our first 16 episodes.  Dave points out that Ken Blanchard once said, “feeback in the breakfast of champions.”  That doesn’t include audio feedback, right? We are looking for...
Episode 21 – Jake Palmer

Episode 16 – Boyd Sharpe

Introducing Boyd Sharpe Boyd Sharpe is the true Renaissance man.  As a young man, and graduating with a degree in theatre arts and a bachelor of education, his father asked him whether he was prepared for a career as a teacher.  Boyd thought about it and responded...