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Powering Up New Brunswick With Solar Energy

Mark McAloon of The Smart Energy Company is tackling their competition, The Price of Electricity


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No matter what device you are using to read this right now, you couldn’t do it without electricity. But as we all try and figure out how we lessen our carbon footprint on the globe, where will we get that sustainable power from so we can keep listening to The Boiling Point Podcast? Luckily for us, folks like our guest Mark McAloon of The Smart Energy Company are taking the lead on making sustainable electricity choices available to businesses in New Brunswick. 

Mark gives us the rundown on how his company, The Smart Energy Company, has been working to bring solar power to New Brunswick, focusing on the B2B market. He gives us insider knowledge about how they are trying to win against their biggest competitor, The Price of Electricity. Showing off his Boiling Point Podcast knowledge, he ties back into our recent episode with Kristy O’Leary of Decade Impact to talk about how the B Corp methodology is mirrored right now in solar energy efforts. It’s about not waiting for change but being a leader and taking any step toward sustainable solar energy.  

Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes
Greg is interviewing solo today as we are introduced to Mark McAloon, who is working to bring solar power to the province of New Brunswick. Greg asks about the mission of what Mark and his company are trying to do. Mark talks about their competitor being the cost of what people can get electricity for. Mark explains how they are trying to grow the number of solar panels available in New Brunswick. Greg and Mark talk about the challenges of being solar energy to the province. 

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
Mark talks about how essential electricity is to our daily lives. He explains how we need to do a better job talking about how much we rely on electricity in our lives and how solar can help us fulfil our needs. Greg and Mark talk about the vulnerability of our energy markets. They discuss what’s happening on a political and government level to understand the impact of our carbon footprint. Mark ties into the B Corp conversation we recently had with Kristy O’Leary and how nothing is the worst thing we can do. 

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes 
Greg explains how Hemmings House keeps their business carbon neutral by having consultants help them calculate it every year. Greg asks how we could more businesses exploring options like that. Mark explains how they have also developed a product called “The Noreaster”, which is a solar system in a box specific to work well for New Brunswicks weather. 

Mark McAloon

Mark McAloon

CEO, President - The Smart Energy Company

I grew up in N.B. often hearing we can’t do things because “they” won’t let us or “that’s how it’s always been”. I want my kids to hear things differently. Technology has provided us the means to overcome historical restrictions and fundamentally change our impact on the environment around us.

About The Smart Energy Company

To create the most compelling renewable energy packages for commercial enterprises globally.