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Jeff Wilson is Helping Youth Develop the Skills Needed for the Future

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  • Jeff explains Brilliant Labs, how their company is getting youth involved in coding, and their goal to reintroduce coding into the school curriculum.
  • We hear about the shortage of skilled coding experts in New Brunswick, as well as female coders.
  • Greg explains his documentary ‘Code Kids’, which covered the coding explosion in Estonia.
  • We’re informed of Brilliant Labs’ ultimate goal to prepare youth, and anyone else to be educated in coding.
  • Listen in to the episode to hear the full conversation!
Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson

Executive Director, Brilliant Labs

  • Jeff Wilson is the Executive Director of Brilliant Labs.
  • Jeff is helping youth and educators across Atlantic Canada develop the skills needed to lead us into the future
  • As a school teacher Jeff saw the importance of educating youth about technology.
  • Brilliant Labs is a not-for-profit technology learning platform in Atlantic Canada.
  • The goal of Brilliant Labs is to prepare Atlantic Canada for the future of business, which is technology.

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