How To Prepare Our Children for the Future with Lisa Hrabluk

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In This Episode

In This Episode:

  • Dave talks about having his son be a contestant on Canada’s Smartest Person Junior (1:39)
  • Greg and Lisa talk about the new project they have been working on called The Mars Collective, a project based around the necessary shift of our education system to better ready children for the future (3:35)
  • Lisa explains how she and Greg ended up in Dubai together with some of the smartest people in the world (5:12)
  • Greg and Lisa discuss the role they think New Brunswick could have in the future of education (9:45)
  • The gang talk about getting over barriers of access and problems within the education system (11:45)
  • Greg explains the current state of The Mars Collective (17:30)
  • Greg and Lisa talk about how the two of them learned to work together and shared stories from their trip to Dubai (20:27)
  • Lisa and Greg talk about what they gained from their trip (28:23)
  • Dave and Greg talk about a new project they are working on (36:35)
Lisa Hrabluk

Lisa Hrabluk

Founder of Wicked Ideas Media

Who is Lisa Hrabluk?

  • Lisa Hrabluk is an award-winning journalist and the creator and founder of Wicked Ideas Media.
  • She has brought together a network of creative people who have laid together the foundations for New Brunswick’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • She has been recognized by the international B Corp movement for her leadership in helping to build a community of business leaders.

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