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Live Your Life With Self Aware Intention For True Business Success

The “CEO Whisperer” Lisa Arie Shares Her Approach To Changing Your Mindset

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Are you actually living your life with intention, or are you just really good at executing tasks every day? Lisa Arie shares her journey to understanding how much our intentions and the way our personality hardwired effects our abilities in the business world and beyond. By taking an immersive approach, she guides people who visit her ranch, Vista Caballo, on a path to raise their awareness of how they approach different situations. A genuinely intriguing conversation that raises thoughts about how our unconscious behaviours impact the success and productivity of our businesses.

Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes
Greg and Dave, both CEOs, were pretty excited to talk to someone who Fast Company dubbed the “CEO whisperer”. Lisa Arie talks through that experience and how that came about. She then tells us how she’s been making an impact for good for the planet.

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
Lisa explains what they are doing with their ranch, Vista Caballo. The goal of the ranch to act as a simulator so that people can truly understand how they behave in different situations. Lisa explains the process they use at the ranch to help people understand their hardwired responses to different situations and how to identify when they aren’t using their thinking brains but driven by emotions.

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
Lisa uses a real-life experience of the different reactions the horses can have based on the different energy that people bring into the situation and how she guides people to change their behaviour thoughtfully. Lisa shares some of the stats they have available for showing how the approach works and gives real business results. Lisa shares her personal story of how she built this approach and how she saw the impact on her own life of realizing she hadn’t been living, but just executing and needing to change her approach to life while facing a terminal diagnosis.

30 Minutes – 40 Minutes
The group talks about the connections and impacts that are possible with taking a different approach to lifestyle and some real-life examples. We learn that Lisa wrote the start of the story called Crossing the Silly Bridge.


Lisa Arie

Lisa Arie

CEO Vista Caballo

Lisa takes no prisoners. She founded, became the CEO of, and raised 2 multi-million dollar companies, was a creative all-star, spent a lifetime growing up in Singapore, South Africa, and London. The most amazing thing about her life is that all roads have led her to a 160-acre ranch in Dolores, Colorado.

You learn this backstory as she introduces you to her herd of horses grazing on her Vista Caballo ranch. But even as she is nuzzled by friendly noses, she is clear on her focus.

When Fast Company interviewed her, they dubbed her “the CEO whisperer”. Here’s the rest of the story: as she works with CEOs and other top performers, the herd becomes more totem than saddle: evidence of our primal instincts in action as Lisa pursues her mission to transform the people who are transforming the planet.
She points out most people rely on only 1 of 3 different human intelligence systems. Thanks to her method (based not just in philosophy, but in science) this new territory that doesn’t take years to find—instead, it can be discovered in minutes.

No weeks, months, or years in coaching or leadership development. After just a few minutes of with her, you are able to see your own possibilities. And for this, all she needs is your attention.

As audiences at the Aspen Institute, BCorp’s Best For The World, The World Innovation Convention, Columbia University, YPO and elsewhere have discovered, what follows is awareness, mental clarity amazement, understanding, higher levels of performance, vision, recognition, and purpose.

Lisa Arie also points out that she was her own first beta test. This means she not only walks the walk but—with razor-sharp direction– leads you step-by-step to your own awakening. The upside is when you become a better, more advanced human being, you become a better leader. While her focus is on elite C-suite executives and entrepreneurs, all you have to be to work with her is someone who wants to do something good with your life-for yourself and others.

Her question to you will be simple: Are you ready?

About Vista Caballo

In 2005, Lisa and Jess began building what would later be called “Visa Caballo.” The couple named their personal and leadership development center after a mountain in the distance that is shaped like a regal horse’s head. The name also reflected the work Lisa and Jess would now do: using “the perspective of a horse” to help people become centered and mindful, so they could reimagine the world and transform their vision of what’s possible.

Today, hundreds of people, including CEOs, financiers, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, inventors, doctors, consultants, psychologists, athletes, and families, have gone through the transformative work.

As a Certified B Corporation®Vista Caballo been recognized as Best For The World by B Lab since 2015.

We are on a mission is to maximize human potential. Through personal and organizational leadership training we empower leaders to solve our world’s greatest social and environmental challenges.

Company Website: www.vistacaballo.com