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Knowing When To Ask For Help So You Can Experience Success

Lessons From Motorcycle Metaphor, Leadership Lessons for the Progressive Organization

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Asking for help as a business leader isn’t always an easy thing to do. Your ego might get in the way, or the kind of help you receive might not be what you wanted. This topic, along with many other leadership focused themes, appear in Michael Wallace’s book Motorcycle Metaphor, Leadership Lessons for the Progressive Organization.

Michael discusses with us the journey of his early career in sales to taking coaching certification that helped to change his perspective and give him the inspiration for his book. Dave and Greg both share stories from their own business experiences that related to Michael’s thoughts about getting help and allowing yourself to experience your success.

Episode Highlights

First 5 Minutes
Michael Wallace introduces himself to us and explains how he got connected with our show. Dave asks about the focus of Michael’s book, Motorcycle Metaphor: Leadership Lessons for the Progressive Organization. Michael explains growing up in Saint John.

5 – 10 Minutes
The group talk about where Saint John is heading as a city. They share a few stories and highlights about the city. Dave asks Michael about his career background and business. Michael talks about his goals of his company and about experiencing success.

10 – 15 Minutes
The group talks about identifying success and how that piece impacts people’s ability to acknowledge their success. The group discuss how perspective is needed in order to appreciate how far you’ve come.

15 – 20 Minutes
The group talks about some of the themes found in Michael’s book, like asking for help when it’s needed. Dave shares a story about how he asked for help and had to accept the help was given was what he needed but not intentionally what he thought he wanted.

20 – 25 Minutes
The group talks about the process of writing a book. Michael shares his path going through coaching certification and how that challenged his focus in life, which helped him realize he had information to share.

25 – 30 Minutes
The group talks about how to contact Michael for more information.

Michael Wallace

Michael Wallace

President of Fascinnovation Inc., Author

Michael Wallace is the President of Fascinnovation Inc., providing strategies and people skills for progressive organizations. He is a highly effective speaker, facilitator and author of the book Motorcycle Metaphor: Leadership Lessons for the Progressive Organization. Michael has consulted for and spoken to some of North America’s largest organizations, including: Pratt & Whitney, Novartis, CN Rail, Phillips and many more.

Michael uses 20 years of professional experience and a very engaging personal style to bring business leaders and teams together to reach their common objective. His interactive and experiential programs are highly sought after and have been very successful in improving how people work as a group.

His core beliefs are: 1) Success is a great motivator. 2) Success can’t be taught. 3) Success needs to be experienced.

Through the unique perspective of the motorcycle metaphor, Michael takes his audiences on a journey of discovery.  Helping them to understand how their leadership impacts people around them and learn what gets in the way of engaging teams and customers, specifically, what they can do to impact the situations positively.

Michael works with clients throughout North America, but calls Montreal, Canada his home base, where he makes the most of his time connecting with his teenage daughters, enjoying the Laurentian Ski Hills and motoring the long & winding roads on his Harley Davidson. He is fluent in English and French, a graduate of the University of New Brunswick, and a certified coach with the Coaches Training Institute.



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