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Gail Bremner Sparks Our Curiosity About The Earth

Exploring the UNESCO Stonehammer Geopark

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How often do you explore the natural world around you? When’s the last time you appreciated what exists in your backyard? We speak with Gail Bremner, Executive Director of Stonehammer Geopark, who shares her mission to spark curiosity about the earth. 

Our curiosity is peaked as we hear all about what a UNESCO Geopark is, what makes Stonehammer unique and hear about the future of other parks from our other guest David Bernard of Head of Educational and Professional Services – Charlevoix Region. Jake Palmer proves useful as our guest host translating for us! Thanks, Jake!

Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes
We have our guest host Jake Palmer joining us with us today! We chat with Gail Bremner and David Bernard speaking about UNESCO Stonehammer GeoPark. Gail educates us about what UNESCO is all about, what a Geopark designation is and what that means related to our Stonehammer location. 

10 – 20 Minutes
Jake Palmer serves as our translates for our special guest David Bremner to share what he feels they can learn from our New Brunswick experience. The group talks about the significance of having this site here in Southern New Brunswick, including the impact of the educational part of their programming. Gail shares the impact of the Geopark for different industries. She speaks to some of the marketing angles they’ve used to educate the public about the park.

20 – 30 Minutes 
The group talks about the future of other Geoparks and what’s happening on a national and global scale. Gail shares how people can find out more about Stonehammer Geopark. The group also talks about the economic impact of the GeoPark. 

Gail Bremner

Gail Bremner

Founder of Bremner & Associates

Gail is the founder of Bremner & Associates, a company that finds solutions and clears the way for growth by building capacity through project management, sales & marketing strategies and branding.

Bremner & Associates works with private, government and the non-profit sector in a wide variety of sectors including the tourism industry where Gail is well known and respected regionally, nationally and internationally. After a proven track record in leveraging partnerships, increasing profits, introducing new revenue streams, and building consensus Gail excels when helping organizations grow.

Gail is passionate about sustainable growth in New Brunswick, raising a happy child and giving back to her community.   With over 25 years’ experience in the tourism industry Gail is a prominent figure in Atlantic Canada and is passionate about her community, the people who visit and sustainability for future generations.  As the Executive Director of Stonehammer Geopark she ensures citizens and visitors experience only the best and that there is something for everyone to enjoy!

David Bernard

David Bernard

Head of Educational and Professional Services - Charlevoix Region

David joins us today as part of his visit to the region to explore the Stonehammer Geopark and learn what they can do to continue growing the Geopark future in their region.

About Stonehammer Geopark

Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark wants to spark your curiosity about the Earth! Located in Southern New Brunswick at a variety of sites, you can eat, hike, kayak, rock climb, zip, cruise and tour while learning about the earth. With a landscape created by colliding continents, the closing and opening of oceans, volcanoes, earthquakes and ice ages a playground has been created for your next adventure.

As North America’s first Global Geopark, Stonehammer Geopark is about geology, but it is also about the people, society and culture. You can hike, kayak, rock climb, zip, eat and tour. You’ll have fun every step of the way!

Here are some teasers to get you exploring in our geopark:

  • Witness where South America &
  • Africa Collided … Reversing Falls Rapids
  • Dare to Walk above the Highest Tides in the World! … Reversing Falls Rapids
  • View the Birthplace of the Atlantic Ocean … Fundy Trail Parkway
  • See what swung by … Dominion Park
  • Climb Volcanic Rocks … Rockwood Park
  • Dine from a Geologically Themed Menu … Rockwood Park
  • Paddle over Future Fossils! … Hampton
  • Touch scratches from the last Ice Age … Irving Nature Park
  • Meet Will Mathew and Hear what he Discovered … New Brunswick Museum
  • Paddle in Sea Caves and Walk on the Ocean Floor … St. Martins