Editing The Maritime Story: Pamela Mullinger’s Business Growth in the Publishing Industry

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In the Maritimes, there is this idea that certain careers or industries won’t be possible here. Pamela Mullinger is proof this thinking is wrong.

Pamela shares her journey from growing up in Saint John to gathering global experience in the publishing industry and coming full circle back to build her family’s future with an emphasis on the quality of life New Brunswick offers. We get some first-hand insights into The Edit’s (recently re-branded from The Maritime Edit) creation, goal and future including hearing about how these local stories are resonating on a national stage.

Episode Highlights

First 5 Minutes
Dave and Greg discuss Dave’s son, Liam, experience on Canada’s Smartest Person Junior and the connection CBC made to The Maritime Edit, our guest Pamela Mullinger founded.

Pamela introduces herself and background from growing up in Saint John and her career in the publishing and fashion industry.

5 – 10 Minutes
Pamela speaks about her move to London at 24 and the 15 years she spent there and her decision to move back to Saint John. Pamela talks about the change and sacrifices her, and her husband (James) made to move back for the quality of life they wanted to have back in New Brunswick. Pamela talks about the changes to her work experience and daily work tasks.

10 – 15 Minutes
Pamela speaks to the differences and adjustments that they’ve had to make being back in New Brunswick. Dave relates to Pamela’s story since he grew up in Yukon and has wondered about moving back at times.

Greg transitions to speaking about Pamela’s magazine, The Maritime Edit and the new branding change to The Edit. Pamela explains the branding change and how the stories might be about The Maritimes, but they resonant nationally. Pamela explains how it’s about finding a balance.

15 – 20 Minutes
Dave asks Pamela about what’s the difference working in an established industry or launching your own, especially in an area that doesn’t have your industry. Pamela walks through that experience and the building of The Edit brand and magazine.

Pamela explains how her past connections have helped to build the brand and the competition that still exists in the magazine industry. The group speak about the advantages and disadvantages to different, more rural locations.

20 – 25 Minutes
Pamela answers Dave’s question about how hard it is to find stories to tell for the magazine. Pamela explains how they have to go out and find the stories and welcome people pitching stories because, in this region, it’s not something businesses are always looking to do for their business.

Dave asks about how people can see the publication. Pamela explains some features are online, but it’s about the experience of the magazine and the soft touch feel to the magazine. The group discusses the competition around the magazine, the goal of supporting Atlantic Canadian stories on a national stage.

25 – 30 Minutes
Pamela speaks to where they would like to go with the brand, including an international growth plan. Dave asks about if there were any surprises in the two years of operations. Pamela speaks to the bulk prices from businesses and government as gifts or giveaways. Pamela shares that they are the larger magazine distributed in Atlantic Canada.

Pamela Mullinger

Pamela Mullinger

President EDIT Media Inc. / Publisher [EDIT] magazine

Pamela Mullinger has worked in marketing, fashion and magazine publishing for over twenty years. Born in Saint John, New Brunswick, she began her career in fashion and retail marketing for luxury fashion brands such as Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein in Toronto from 1996 to 2000.

In March 2000, Mullinger relocated to London, England to pursue a career in magazine publishing. Starting at Vanity Fair magazine (for Conde Nast Publications) as Fashion Manager, this successful post led to an opportunity at the award winning Wallpaper* magazine.

From January 2001 until December 2015, Mullinger developed a 15-year career with Tyler Brûlé and his companies that included Ad Manager for Wallpaper* and then Development Director at Winkreative, the full-service branding and design agency. Its international focus, editorial authority and global reach led this award-winning business to collaborate with everyone from Swissair to Bombardier.

In February 2007, Mullinger was promoted to Publishing Director and was part of the founding team of Monocle magazine, the second groundbreaking publication from Tyler Brûlé. An international briefing on current affairs, business, culture and design, Monocle remains one of the most distinguished titles on the newsstand worldwide. Over eight years, Monocle expanded to video programming, opened retail stores in six cities, and developed e-commerce, a 24-hour audio service Monocle 24 as well as travel guides, books and events.

In February 2014, Mullinger re-located to her homeland of Canada with her family and continued to manage and grow the North American advertising market for Monocle. In October 2015, Mullinger expanded her client portfolio to offer a global advertising consultancy service and is working with Kinfolk magazine in Copenhagen, as well as Need Supply Inc. in Richmond Virginia amongst other private clients. In 2017 she founded The Maritime Edit magazine, the first ever national print publication based in New Brunswick.

The Maritime Edit is the premium print publication that celebrates and highlights the discreet luxury of living big in small towns and cities. Printing 70,000 copies of the magazine and distributing it across Canada and to subscribers across the world, she has branched out in to Edit Media events (which have attracted upwards of 20,000 people in 2018 alone) and even released an Edit Media-produced stand up special of a record breaking comedy show that was distributed by Hulu in America and Amazon Prime in Canada, England, Germany and Japan.

Videos produced for the Edit’s social media channels have notched up more than 100,000 views across all channels. In just two years Mullinger has built up an all-encompassing media brand with the main focus being the print title and most impressively, done it in an unexpected place.



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