Building Confidence for the Disabled with Jim Kokocki and Martin Chiasson

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In This Episode

  • Greg and Dave sit down and talk with two of the board members of L’Arche, a chain of communities where people with intellectual disabilities are able to share with each other and explore their gifts.
  • Their guests, Jim and Martin, talk about L’Arche’s art galleries and how they help build confidence for people with intellectual disabilities.  They also help people with and without intellectual disabilities connect with each other.
Jim Kokocki

Jim Kokocki

L'Arche Saint John Board Member

  • Jim Kokocki is an experienced consultant and manager.
  • Outside of L’Arche, he is a consultant at Ludlow Consulting
  • He has a Masters of Business Administration from the University of New Brunswick, Saint John.
Martin Chiasson

Martin Chiasson

L'Arche Saint John Board Member

  • As well as being a board member for L’Arche, Martin is also the founder and president of Loosen Up Consulting Inc.
  • He also has lots of management experience in other companies like Symplicity Designs, Innovatia Inc. and Xerox.

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