Building a Business with Social Change in Mind – Ian Capstick

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In This Episode

  • Ian discusses his involvement with politics and being surrounded by politicians who inspired him to pursue his passion.
  • He describes the corporate structure behind MediaStyle, a Certified BCorp, and it’s involvement in truth and reconciliation cases.
  • Ian and his company MediaStyle working with The Tragically Hip’s Gord Dowie, learning how to stay humble as they created change through communications.
Ian Capstick

Ian Capstick

Founder of MediaStyle

  • Ian is passionate about creating social change through communications which initiated the founding of his communications firm MediaStyle in 2008.
  • MediaStyle is a certified B Corp with a mission to help people who needs their voices heard.
  • Ian started his career on Parliament Hill as an assistant press secretary, supporting cabinet ministers and opposition members in the House of Commons.