Sustainability & Social Valves Driving Business Success for Myriam Bouchard & Ajax Greene

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In This Episode

  • Myriam and Ajax explain to Greg and Dave the creation of Coherence Collaborative, a business providing organizations strategic business services.
  • Myriam and Ajax explain how sustainability and social values drive their business success.
  • Ajax specifically dives into the topic “how your mindset affects your bottom line”.
  • Also, Myriam and Ajax chat about being proactive in a reactive business world.
Ajax Greene

Ajax Greene

  • Ajax Greene is a serial social entrepreneur/triple bottom line business evangelist/trusted generalist business advisor/master connector.
  • As a former world class athlete, he brings his considerable focus to building successful businesses, non-profit organizations, and communities.
Myriam Bouchard

Myriam Bouchard

  • Myriam Bouchard worked as a business advisor for the NYS Small Business Development Centre for over 13 years.
  • Myriam’s business advising work includes aligning one’s personal aspirations with the business goals to ensure long-term success and happiness.
  • Her passion for everything business related led her to pursue a formal education and earned an MBA from Syracuse University.