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Making a Change Through Sustainability in Business – Guillaume De Vesvrotte

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  • Guillaume explains Pixelis to Dave and Greg, as well as B-Corps innovation and it’s experimentation.
  • Guillaume talks on bringing both branding agencies and innovation labs and their strategies together.
  • He shares that the B-Corp movement is working to create legal status in France.
Guillaume De Vesvrotte

Guillaume De Vesvrotte


  • Being a passionate game changer & team leader, advisor and executive director, Guillaume has been creating communication strategies for brands for the last 13 years.
  • As an entrepreneur, he has created two communication agencies dedicated to sustainability and non-profits. Guillaume also designed and launched the first french-speaking online media on sustainable development.
  • He is currently leading sustainable innovation at Pixelis in Paris and San Francisco, and exploring the Future of Retail, Virtual Reality, Green and Social Innovation, Brand Utility, Urban Food, Sustainable and Circular Fashion with customers and partners.

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