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Finding Your Own Path to Leadership: Lessons Learned from Hardwork with Andy LaRose

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  • Andy explains to Dave and Greg about how he received a phone call from TD Canada Trust, which lead to him being accepted into the Ivey Business School as being nominated as one of the top 40 entrepreneurs in Canada.
  • He shares how Alcon Electrical Corp started with two guys in a garage, and the challenges he has faced in order to grow his successful business over the past 15 years. 
  • Andy talks about how the changes from growing as a small company into a much larger company with more employees has been a significant transition to adapt to, and the steps he took to bringing everything together for his employees and the company itself. 
  • Listen in on this episode of the Boiling Point to hear more about how Andy LaRose became one of the top 40 entrepreneurs in Canada.
Andy LaRose

Andy LaRose

Owner of Alcon Electrical Corp

  • Owning an electrical business has taken Andy out of the field and into a management position which he has come to embrace.
  • Born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon, Andy learned from a very young age that the world was not going to come to him, he had to go get it.
  • Andy is a big believer in hard work and pursuing your passions.

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