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Building a Sustainable Town With Jimmy Stice

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  • Greg and Dave talk about the Boiling Point Patreon. The Boiling Point follows up with our last episode about Kalu Yala. This time we were able to get in contact with Jimmy after some plumbing difficulties he faced on his end of the line.
  • Jimmy talks about the new town he is building in Panama called Kalu Yala, which is a fully sustainable town that tries to prove humanity can fit into nature without harming it.
  • Greg shares his incredible experience staying at Kalu Yala, and how inspired he was by Jimmy’s triple bottom line philosophy that he implements into Kalu Yala, which isn’t just a town but also his business.
  • Jimmy shares his experience of growing his town, as well as starting the blueprint for his future real estate framework that won’t have a negative impact on the environment.
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Jimmy Stice

Jimmy Stice

CEO and Founder of Kalu Yala

  • Jimmy Stice graduated from the University of Georgia with a growing idea to create an entirely self sufficiant town.
  • He is an entrepeneur as well as being the CEO and Founder of Kalu Yala, the town he eventually created.
  • Kalu Yala is an entirely self sustainable and environmentally friendly town/ business located in the mountains of Panama.

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