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Bruce Mcleod Takes Business Coaching to a new Level

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  • Bruce fills in the hosts about organizational culture in business and how it can make the biggest impact for a company’s product differentiation and give a company a competitive advantage.
  • Bruce talks about how when people quit their company, they’re actually leaving their boss. Having strong organizational culture in business helps for companies to retain their employees for the long term.
  • He discusses the biggest systemic challenges organizations are met with, an example of this is companies having too strong of a command and control mentality.
  • Bruce explains how HR expertise can really help bring about change in culture for a business to thrive and succeed. He elaborates on how if a company usually is late for all of its meetings it’s more reflective about the company’s culture.
Bruce Mcleod

Bruce Mcleod

Founder of Live Big Coaching

  • Bruce is a multi-certified executive coach.
  • He is passionate about seeing people and organizations reach places they never before thought possible.
  • He has led operations, strategic planning and human resources functions in regional, national and multinational corporations, and has contributed to the kinds of business transformations that attracts attention on a larger scale.
  • Bruce earned his Certified Executive Coach designation at Royal Roads University and holds Professional Certified Coach credentials through the International Coach Federation.
  • He is also on faculty of the graduate executive coaching program at Royal Roads.
  • He served for several years as the Global Vice-President of Human Resources for a multi-national Canadian based company.
  • But he ultimately left this role to pursue his dream of what he refers to as, “all things coaching”.

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