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Can a B-Corp Become “Best for the World” Through Doing Good in Business? Learn What’s Possible with Bryan Welch

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In This Episode

  • We learn about Bryan’s motivation for starting a media company focusing on businesses doing good in the world.
  • Bryan discusses the size of his audience and how the B Corp movement is growing.
  • We hear how the Best for the World designation will be a collection of the top 10% of B Corp companies.
  • Greg and Bryan speak to their excitement for the celebration that will take place at the University of California – Berkley.
  • Bryan lets us in on a few contenders for the Best for the World designation.
  • He tells us that while currently there are around 2000 B Corps in the world, over 40000 businesses have taken the B Corp assessment and the growth of the movement is up 30% from last year.
Bryan Welch

Bryan Welch

Founder of B The Change Media

  • Bryan has made a career in magazine publishing since the mid-70s.
  • During his career he transformed a declining publisher of two rural-lifestyle magazines to a dynamic, growing multi-media company with 9 magazine titles, numerous websites, and ancillary products with millions of readers.
  • While other magazines on business assess companies on their ability to rapidly acquire wealth through lists like the “Fortune 500”, Bryan is currently working on his own designation, “Best for the World”.

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