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Insurance through Social Responsibility

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  • Bernie shares his decision to follow his path to social responsibility.
  • He explains to Greg and Dave his journey through his career. He learned that being a traditional sales agent in the insurance industry didn’t satisfy him.
  • Bernie decided he wanted to start his own business that helps those who have fallen vulnerable to life’s unexpected tragedies.
    The company that Bernie founded is Cove Continuity Advisors Inc.
  • This company is the only certified insurance B-Corp in all of Canada.
Bernie Geiss

Bernie Geiss

President at Cove Continuity Advisors

  • Bernie began his career as a sales agent in insurance and then learned that he didn’t particularly enjoy that career path. He then decided to get into the business of continuity advisory, which assists with those in the event of a catastrophic loss due to an unexpected death or adverse health incident using life, disability, and critical illness insurance.
  • Bernie then founded Cove Continuity Advisors Inc. The first and only certified insurance B-Corp in Canada. Cove Continuity Advisors Inc. believes in reducing stress as well as affecting positive social change for its clients.

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