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Bankruptcy, Resilliance and Healthy Food for all – Dave Wolpin and Kredls

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  • Wayne Jagoe is in for Greg hosting the show once again this week.
  • Dave Wolpin explains his career journey of going from a Kredl’s employee all the way to owning the local grocery store and expanding it over the years.
  • Dave talks about how he decided to stop selling unhealthy food products, and decided to invest into the local health food industry.
  • Dave elaborates the definition of the word poison and how modern genetically altered food matches that dictionary definition.
  • Dave talks about his journey working on creating non-GMO chicken grain/feed.
  • He tells his tale of perseverance through the terrifying times of his company almost going bankrupt, along with the lessons  in transparency and honesty he’s learned experiencing bankruptcy.
Dave Wolpin

Dave Wolpin

Owner of Kredyls Corner Market

  • Dave owns Kredl’s Corner Market and Dave’s Product Packs.
  • Both businesses have grown exponentially over the past few years, including an 8,000 square foot expansion for Kredl’s.
  • Kredl’s Corner Market is a regionally represented grocery store that has the largest organic produce selection in the Maritimes.
  • Dave runs Driver Dave’s in Halifax which delivers organic produce around the city to the customer’s house.
  • He has recently made national headlines through his close fight with bankruptcy. Yet, because of his drive and determination Dave prevailed, got investors on board and raised money to save his business.

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