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Applying Sports Leadership to Business

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In This Episode

  • Cody Royle explains how business leadership is similar to sports leadership.
  • Our guest goes over that he is the head coach of the Canadian National team for Australian Rules football.
  • He shares with our hosts what Australian Rules football is. He also explains the popularity of this sport within Canada.
  • Our guest gives his take on how he finds similarities between the Canadian and Australian culture.
  • Cody shares with Dave and Greg about the process of writing his book. He also shares his experience interviewing world-class sports coaches from around the world.
  • He then also finds a contrast between sports coaching and business coaching.
  • Listen in to the podcast to catch the full interview!
Cody Royle

Cody Royle

Author, "Where Others Won't"

• Cody is the Head Coach of AFL Team Canada; the national men’s team for Australian Rules football.
• He began his football coaching career at the age of 24.
• He is a Managing Partner of NTSQ Sports Group, a sports consultancy specialized in endurance sports.
• Through his career Cody has interviewed many brand names in the sports world such as Ralph Krueger and Ted Sundqvist.
• It was from his past with sports that he decided to write a book called, “Where Others Won’t”. His novel is about leadership in the business world and how it relates to sports.

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