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Episode 79 – Kim Houlahan

Episode 79 – Kim Houlahan

Get your Message Out There Introducing Kim Houlahan Entrepreneurs who own small or medium sized businesses work hard every day in order to gain or maintain success. There is a lot of hard work and many hours put forth toward their business. Often these business people...
Episode 79 – Kim Houlahan

Episode 78 – Owen Green

Financial Monitoring = More Sleep Introducing Owen Green Passionate, driven entrepreneurs often need to focus on what they are good at. This could mean being visionaries, or taking part in the grind of everyday business. For many though, the evening can be filled with...
Episode 79 – Kim Houlahan

Episode 77 – Ken MacLeod

Pounce on your Opportunities Introducing Ken MacLeod Sometimes the only thing holding you back from achieving any goal is your own hesitation. No journey has ever happened where someone hasn’t taken the first step. Ken MacLeod and the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra...
Episode 79 – Kim Houlahan

Episode 76 – Jeff Schnurr

Conservation Capitalism Introducing Jeff Schnurr The saying goes, “there is more than one way to skin a cat.” The same is true for conservation. The choice doesn’t have to be between jobs and preservation because there is a middle ground. Jeff Schnurr knows this, and...
Episode 79 – Kim Houlahan

Episode 75 – Victoria Clarke

Discover Saint John Introducing Victoria Clarke Victoria Clarke has an enviable job for all of those who live and love Saint John, New Brunswick. Back in July, Victoria took the job as Executive Director of Discover Saint John, the destination marketing organization...